Is Black Garlic Dangerous?

          Although black garlic contains substances that are very important to health. However, the quality of black garlic should also be standardized. To prevent other contamination by choosing a standard with a FDA label to guarantee the quality production as well. However, if eating too much, it may have side.

          Effects to health especially cancer patients or chronic diseases that are being treated. In addition, patients taking anticoagulants to help blood flow should not eat. Because it may cause bleeding that does not stop. Including those who take blood pressure-lowering drugs. You should also avoid eating. Which can cause blood pressure to drop as well. UFABET Therefore, before taking black garlic, supplements, herbs or any medications. It should always be under medical supervision.

          Black garlic is a health food supplement that has interesting benefits. But for safety, you should choose to eat sparingly. Not eating for the hope of healing. And must emphasize that you should consult a doctor or pharmacist before eating every time.

Although the properties are outstanding in anti-cancer. Which the pharmacological effect was found Garlic has cancer-fighting effects. But it’s still just animal and test tube studies. At present, there is no medical evidence to suggest. That can fight cancer or cure cancer in humans. More research is need in this area.