Egg Bread Sandwich.

Prepare the bread and wait. You will be able to dip the eggs in the pan to make a bread sandwich with eggs. With bologna and tomato sauce Add a stretch from the cheese. You can cooking this menu. Ingredients for Bread Sandwich. 2 chicken eggs (No. 2)

Hawaiian Sandwich.

     The Hawaiian Sandwich that has been waiting for you. That is Hawaiian fillings put pineapple, ham, cherries and cheese, seasoned with cayenne and pepper. Lastly sprinkle with rosemary.This menu it’s easy. Hawaiian filling      Cheese slices of your choice Maraschino Cherries      2 slices

Baked Spinach with Cheese

     I used to buy Baked Spinach with Cheese expensive. Even though it’s delicious, it’s just a small amount that doesn’t fill your stomach. Try to cook by yourself, it’s much more satisfying. This recipe combines ham and three types of cheese. Anyone who is afraid of getting fat

Korean pickled cucumbers

          Who is a fan of Korean food, let’s make Korean pickled cucumbers. Marinated with Korean chili sauce, paprika, Korean chili powder and sugar Ingredients: Korean pickled cucumbers fresh cucumber salt Salted Shredded Shrimp fresh garlic, minced Korean chili sauce paprika Korean chili powder granulated sugar How

How to make Tofu milk.

Tofu milk or soy milk Another healthy drink rich in protein Suitable for people who need soy protein and people who are allergic to cow’s milk and want to find another milk substitute. Plus soybean juice is easy to digest, no fat, eats lightly.  Let’s start by making the

Fried pork ball with garlic and pepper

   Fried pork ball can be made by anyone, but to make them crispy, delicious and soft in the inside. We would like to offer you the fried pork ball guaranteed to be excellent. Because it is pounded tightly, vermicelli and carrots. And add crispy flour to make

Korean Style Egg Sandwich.

I brought you a Korean style egg sandwich recipe. It’s very easy to make. The ingredients are easy to find. I don’t have carrots so I use crab sticks to add color instead. Let’s do it. Breakfast is an important meal. I believe that many people will eat bread that looks

Chili Tofu Omelette.

  I used to only make egg tofu omelette. But when I saw the Chili Tofu Omelette. It looked delicious in another way. Not a lot of ingredients. Season to your liking and you can add other beards to it. So it’s really worth trying.        Tofu Omelette the same

Ovaltine Volcano

Ovaltine Volcano

Here’s a kid’s favorite dish for Ovaltine Volcano . Add both Ovaltine powder and Ovaltine powder. Add sweetened condensed milk as desired. Ingredients: Volcanic Ovaltine Ovaltine powder 8 tablespoons 3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk 1/2 cup hot water ice How to make Volcanic Ovaltine      1. Bring

Sea ​​bass red curry

Sea ​​bass red curry

Sea ​​bass red curry is good If you want to sip a spicy curry. You have to pound the curry yourself. Today, I invite you to make Sea ​​bass red curry . The method is not difficult to make it. sea ​​bass 1 1 torn