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The properties of golden needle mushrooms are not fun to eat.

 Golden needle mushrooms are mushrooms that have high nutritional value, not allergic to other mushrooms. Especially the amount of vitamin B that is abundant. Which is the basic nutritional value of the mushroom family. In which only 1 cup contains niacin. Or vitamin B3, up to 23%

Is Black Garlic Dangerous?

          Although black garlic contains substances that are very important to health. However, the quality of black garlic should also be standardized. To prevent other contamination by choosing a standard with a FDA label to guarantee the quality production as well. However, if eating too much, it

Oatmeal porridge.

     I just made shrimp oatmeal porridge this morning. For dinner, I don’t want to eat again. So I change to oatmeal porridge with minced chicken. Recipe from us. Pick up marinated chicken and seasonings and boil it in chicken bone broth with oatmeal. Before serving sprinkle with ginger.

Delicious omelette recipe.

  Who is bored of the same old omelette ? Let’s try to catch chicken eggs at home to transform into a spicy omelette menu , shall we? Today we has bundled together recipes for spicy omelet dishes. Whether it’s omelette salad, larb omelette, herbal omelette. Omelet with Bouncing Shrimp and Dried Chili and tofu omelet