Sarri believes people will lose interest in football in 10 years.

Maurizio Sarri believes that in 10 years people will lose interest in football. If it continues to become a business like it is today.

Lazio coach Mausio Sarri has confessed he would be happy. If his players weren’t called up to the national team warning. That if football was just a business like it was in 10 years’ time people would lose interest in the sport next. According to reports from ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ last Saturday. UFABET

Sarri leads Lazio in Champions League race Rome’s Eagles hold an advantage over the rest of the competition. Following their Coppa Italia and Conference League elimination. While Inter Milan, Juventus and Fiorentina are in the running. Entering the busy program month with a queue of 9 games in 30 days. But Sarri is still frustrated with the pack competition program. And admitt he was happy that the player was not called up to the national team. As happen to Mattia Zackanji after being turn down by Roberto Mancini.

Said Sarri.

‘I was happy when my players weren’t call up to the national team. Matias Vecino flew from Rome to Japan. From Japan to South Korea and South Korea to Rome. These are all two friendly games against Uruguay.’

‘The current tournament program is no longer possible. I heard the comparison to the NBA, which is crazy. Because players are usually only on the court for 28 minutes in basketball compare to 90 minutes in football. And you get knocked out more in cup football.’

‘I don’t criticize the national football team. And I just ignored it. I watched 10 minutes of Kosovo-Andorra sees all players in one penalty area. And asked what happened? I criticize the calendar because of the poor quality. There are always five or six injuries. And if football becomes just a business in the next 10 years people will no longer be interested in this sport.’ said Sarri.