Pochettino reveals the moment he thought he would definitely fall from the Chelsea chair.

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has revealed the moment. He thought he would be sacked in February after his side’s home defeat to Wolves.

    The Blues have been on a red-hot run towards the end of the season. Winning four games in a row and moving up to sixth in the table ahead of their final home game against Bournemouth. But the Argentine’s future remains uncertain.UFABET

    Asked if there was ever a time when he thought he would be sent off. Pochettino said: “Let me be honest, I think after the Wolves game (4-2 home defeat), can you take what happened after that?”

    “I didn’t think about getting sacked, but it was a tough time. Losing at home is hard to take. In those moments as a coach and as a staff, you feel isolated. When you feel like everyone is looking at you like. You’re guilty of something and you don’t know what’s going on.”

    “We felt alone at that time. We were alone there after the game, waiting, we spent two hours. It was a long time after the game to be there, looking at each other, the five staff, the room was very small.”

    “Yes, but we don’t think about that, we are sad, it’s an unfair situation, we don’t deserve it, but the result puts us in a very difficult situation.”