Mbappe hopes Henry will play in the 2024 Olympics.

Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain striker and the French national team Indirectly denied the matter of joining the 2024 Olympics. Which they are hosting this summer. Because there are many factors to care about. Especially in the future, which camp will you play next season?

Paris takes on the responsibility of organizing the Sports of Humanity competition. It is expected that Thierry Henry, U-21 trainer will take the reins. Along with the trend of including Mbappe’s name as one of the three quotas of players over 23 years of age.  ทางเข้า UFABET 

However, the five-year-old star chose to cherish the kindness of all parties. Do not directly answer or reject. Just saying that everything doesn’t depend on him alone. 

“I have reached this point in my life and career. Who doesn’t want to force himself to do anything beyond his means anymore.” Opening his mouth through ‘GQ’ magazine.

“Just asking, I want to play for the national team. But if it’s not possible can accept.”

“For all athletes Being called to compete in the Olympic Games is a special status, like Tokyo Olympics 2020. At that time I wanted to go play as well. Because he wants to inscribe his name as winning every championship, being on the page of history as a player of the French national team. No matter what program it is.” 

Mbappe guaranteed contract at the Parc des Princes expires in June 2024, but next year is a player option. You can choose to use it or decline it to release yourself onto the free agent market. 

Therefore, PSG is working hard to retain the team’s leading scorer . Real Madrid and Liverpool are also closely watching the situation.