Kevin Nolan hopes Hazard will change his mind and come back from retirement.

Kevin Nolan the West Ham’s coaching staff is ready to welcome Eden Hazard with open arms. If he changes his mind and comes back from retirement to play football again like Paul Scholes has done before.

Kevin Nolan, a 41-year-old former midfielder on West Ham’s coaching staff, believes there is a possibility that Eden Hazard will change his mind and return to playing football again. UFABET Citing the return to playing football after the retirement of Paul Scholes, former Manchester United midfielder, as an example. From what was revealed to Talksport last Saturday. 

Hazard decided to end his playing career at the age of 32 as the former Belgium captain wanted to spend more time with his family after 16 years in football. However, Nolan still expects Hazard to change his mind and return to football. again in the future which the Hammers team is ready to welcome with open arms as well

‘I’d love to have Hazard at West Ham. If he wants to come and try, I’d love to. I don’t know if David Moyes will or not. But I wanted to give it a try,’ Nolan said. ‘It’s sad that at 32 he decided to retire. Because someone with his talent can play at a high level for many years.’

‘I remember when Scholes did it, he got a phone call from Sir Alex Ferguson and said ‘Oh yeah, I’ll go back’. I think something like that might happen with Hazard because maybe. Someone was willing to give him a chance and would say, ‘Come and play with us for 6 months”.