Bayern Munich 4 – Dortmund 2.

Battle for the top spot in the Bundesliga Or it could be called the championship. It’s Bayern Munich of Thomas Tuchel, the new trainer can bring back the crowd. When opening home to win Dortmund 4-2. Causing the Southern Tigers to overtake 2 points with 55 points from 26 football matches.

German Bundesliga Football
Bayern Munich 4 – Dortmund 2

Stadium: Allianz Arena

At first, Dortmund opened the scene to attack on one side. But there was a turning point in the 13th minute when Dayot Upamecano filled up high in the middle of the field, putting the ball up in front of nothing. Leroy Sane ran after the ball, but Gregor Ko Bale, who shifted to play outside the box to intercept the ball before pushing for a heavy kick. The ball then bounced off the ground into the goal with a deadpan look. UFABET

In the 18th minute, the Southern Tigers escaped 2-0, Joshua Kimmich threw a corner kick on the right, Matijs de Ligt took the header to the second post, Thomas Muller used the ball to hit the ball. Pushing, bouncing, plugging the door.

The score flowed to 3-0 in the 23rd minute, Leroy Sane stole the ball, dragged it into the middle of 25 yards and hit it from Gregor Kobel’s hand for the first time, but was not out of danger, Thomas Muller Pry. do not repeat

After the first 45 minutes, Bayern Munich led Dortmund 3-0.

In the second half, in the 50th minute, Bayern left 4-0. Leroy Sane dribbled the ball in front of the penalty area, skimmed to Kingsley Coman, speeding forward to poke his foot in the penalty area on the left side. Gregor Kobel failed to save in time.

Dortmund beat the egg, chasing after 1-4 in the 72nd minute, Serge Gnabry came on as a substitute, submitted a leg kick to Jude Bellingham, falling down in the penalty area, the referee pointed out a foul penalty awarded to the visiting team. Emre Chan volunteered to kill without fail.

In stoppage time, the visiting team received another consolation goal from Don Yell Malen, a substitute, but nothing changed. At the end of the game, Bayern Munich beat Dortmund 4-2, causing the Southern Tigers to move. overtaking the crowd with 55 points, tearing Dortmund, who dropped to second place, by 2 points