Arteta confirms that Arsenal doesn’t care about Manchester City.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta insists he can only control what his team can do. Without paying attention to the results of the rivalry to win the championship like Manchester City.

The artillery opened the house to thrash Leeds United 4-1. Bringing the gap between them and Sailboat back to 8 points. After the fast pair, Manchester City defeated Liverpool 4-1. Reducing the gap for a moment.

Arteta said:

“I don’t know (this is his 100th win as Arsenal manager), it’s a beautiful number. and we’ll go on.”

“We have something going on with some people. It’s a worrying few moments because we can’t decide until this morning. If some of the players are ready or not and list of real teams. After the international break you don’t know if their mentality will come back. And do what is necessary to win this league? I am very happy with the performance UFABET

“They made it difficult for us. We lost the ball in a bad area against a four-player team. That was very quick to go from defensive to offensive. After that we can control the game. And today we did very well in the box.

“I am very happy with him (Gabriel Jesus) after all the work from him and the team for the past 5 months. Today he has received a reward for that.”

“It was a good header (from Granit Xhaka), timing and possession. He has the ability to do that. Now he’s scored three goals. Which I think has come from the last four games. It’s good.

“We know [from Man City’s result] because it’s a big game. And we want to see some of it. But when we got here. It just focuses on us. and what we can do as a team they are used to it. We can only control what we can do.”