Korean pickled cucumbers

          Who is a fan of Korean food, let’s make Korean pickled cucumbers. Marinated with Korean chili sauce, paprika, Korean chili powder and sugar

Cucumber Menu

Ingredients: Korean pickled cucumbers

  • fresh cucumber
  • salt
  • Salted Shredded Shrimp
  • fresh garlic, minced
  • Korean chili sauce
  • paprika
  • Korean chili powder
  • granulated sugar

How to make.

     1. Wash the cucumber, cut off the head and tail. Cut in half or cut as you like.

     2. Soak cucumbers in salt water for about 12 hours or overnight. When the time is up, wash with water. Dry on a wire rack to drain. Leave it for about 1-2 hours.

     3. Put the cucumber in a large container. add crushed garlic Salted Shredded Shrimp

     4. Season with Korean chili sauce, paprika, Korean chili powder. and sugar mix well Arrange in a box with a lid. imported refrigerator.


Cucumber  is a plant that we can buy easily. Because UFABET Thai people like to eat cucumber as a side dish of savory dishes, spicy dishes such as various types of chili paste, papaya salad, simmered or oily food to reduce the fatness. Or you can use cucumbers to decorate your plate. On the other hand, this may be due to the habit of seeing cucumbers as just a decorative vegetable for dishes. Many people neglect to eat it and leave it on their plates. By not knowing that this vegetable is beneficial to the body no less.