Fried pork with garlic and black pepper

     If you don’t like fried pork, you can make a menu of fried pork with garlic and black pepper. Marinated pork with garlic and pepper Eat protein concentrate delicious mouthful actually.

     pork, cut into pieces
     Sea salt
     Oil for frying pork
     soy sauce
     a little sugar
     Oil for marinated pork
     Cucumber and Chili Fish Sauce

How to make Fried Pork Rice with Garlic and Black Pepper

     1. Pound garlic, black pepper and sea salt. together until fine
     2. Put the pounded ingredients together and mix with the pork, add soy sauce, sugar and vegetable oil to it. Mix to combine the ingredients. Marinate for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
     3. Heat a pan, add a little vegetable oil. When hot, add marinated pork and fry until golden brown. Pour over steamed rice and serve with cucumber and fish sauce chili