Delicious omelette recipe.

  Who is bored of the same old omelette ? Let’s try to catch chicken eggs at home to transform into a spicy omelette menu , shall we? Today we has bundled together recipes for spicy omelet dishes. Whether it’s omelette salad, larb omelette, herbal omelette. Omelet with Bouncing Shrimp and Dried Chili and tofu omelet with chilli tofu for friends to try to follow. Each recipe guarantees deliciousness. Super creative and unique for sure. Eat it for nothing or eat it with a plate of steamed rice. The more delicious it is.

How to fry a thick and soft?

 Use the pot to fry the eggs by choosing a small pot. Because it will make the egg thick and fluffy easily. And using medium heat to make the egg cooked in a beautiful color.


 Fry the eggs by pouring them through a sieve to make them fluffy. and use a moderate fire to the strong side for frying. Some recipes may add a little lemon to make the eggs fluffy UFABET

Crispy on the outside soft on the inside

 Add a little fresh milk or evaporated milk to the eggs. will make the eggs softer and more fragrant Including using medium to strong fire to fry the eggs.