Chili Tofu Omelette.

  I used to only make egg tofu omelette. But when I saw the Chili Tofu Omelette. It looked delicious in another way. Not a lot of ingredients. Season to your liking and you can add other beards to it. So it’s really worth trying.

       Tofu Omelette the same old egg dish is delicious. But eat it often and get bored. Would you like to try adding more fresh chili? It’s another dish that you should try at home. Easy food good health with chili paste and may add cheese or other ingredients as desired. Add a little salty seasoning fry until cooked.

Let’s invite you to make spicy tofu omelette by Easy food good health. Let’s invite you to make an omelet with tofu with chilli. Today I would like to invite you to make a spicy omelet with more tofu and eggs. Eat with hot steamed rice. It’s delicious. Adjust the level of spiciness as you like. You can choose tofu as you like. Ready to go and do it together.

Ingredients: Omelette, tofu, paprika

  1. 2 eggs
  2. 2 egg tofu
  3. 3-4 chili peppers (can be reduced-increase)
  4. soy sauce or seasoning sauce
  5. vegetable oil

How to make Chili Tofu Omelette

Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat until fluffy.

Cut the egg tofu into thick or thin slices as you like.

 Thin, thick chili peppers as you wish. Season with soy sauce or seasoning sauce

 Heat a pan and put vegetable oil in it. When the oil is hot, pour the eggs into it. When cooked, turn over

 Fry until cooked on both sides. Ladle onto a plate to eat with hot steamed rice, full of deliciousness.

          Who is looking for breakfast. I want you to try to make egg tofu omelette with fresh chili. Not many ingredients It doesn’t take long and it’s delicious.